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Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, gain self confidence, improve your life?  I can help you overcome these and many other obstacles that are keeping you from being your personal best through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a technique that allows us to access the subconscious mind and re-program the attitudes and beliefs that can negatively influence us. It has been used for years to successfully lose weight permanently, stop smoking, overcome phobias, increase self-esteem and improve performance.  My office is located in the Southworth area near Sedgwick and Banner. Come, relax in the restful surroundings and let the power of your own mind change your life.

Hypnosis Works!

Diana Labrum, CHt is a certified hypnotherapist, registered with the State of Washington, and has been in practice for over nine years..

My personal path

Throughout the past several decades I have made a personal quest of studying the relationship between nutrition and personal wellness. It seems that every day a new diet or eating plan is introduced, a miracle cure for obesity that will take off 10, 15, 20 pounds in as many days without exercise or discomfort. What I have learned is that there are literally hundreds of plans that are effective if you have the discipline and the resolve to stay with it. The truth is there is no magic way to reach and sustain a healthy weight. All it takes is making a decision to be healthy and that means eating for health.  Once that decision is made all you need to do is learn what healthy eating is and change your eating habits by taking control of the things in day-to-day living that trigger unhealthy eating choices. My years of experience has proven that the most successful way to change habits is with hypnosis. 
“My Personal Path” is a sharing of my personal journey and the things I have learned along the way.
 Hyposis works very well for smoking cessation. 80-85% of my clients quit smoking after only one hypnosis session. With your session you will receive a stop smoking cd for reinforcement.
Hypnosis can modify food interests and tastes through the subconscious mind. Lose all of the weight you want. Personal Best has both individual sessions and group classes for weight management.
Get rid of the fears or phobias that are limiting your life. Through age regression we can uncover the fear and remove it.
Hypnosis works very well for both sports performance enhancement and motivation.