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Diana Labrum is a certified Hypnotherapist, registered with the Washington State Department of Health since 2005

There is never a better time than NOW to implement those habits that perhaps you are struggling with. If you want to lose weight and change your relationship with food I can help. Even if you are using another tool such as Weight Watchers hypnosis works great in conjunction to be able to stay on track and keep that motivation.  I also will be starting several weight loss classes in the next few weeks so please write or call if you are interested and let me know a good time for you.

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Habit Modification

Hypnosis works very well for habit modification of all kinds, motivation, smoking cessation, weight management and drinking cessation. It also works very well to release fears.

Weight Management Sessions 

I offer both individual sessions for weight management as well as 6 week classes.

 For individual weight management sessions the cost is $85.  I also offer a "friends and family plan" where 2 or 3 friends and/or family members can share the session for the same low price.

Classes are 6 week long and the cost of $175 includes six weekly 90 minute  sessions, a book and 4 cd's. Every session includes hypnosis. 

Smoking Cessaton

Hypnosis works very well for smoking cessation. I have an 85-90% success rate after only one session. Many people leave here feeling like non-smokers, as if they have never smoked. I also offer the "friends and family" plan for smoking where the person can bring 2 or 3 friends for the same low price.