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I have been serving my clients in Kitsap County since 2004

New weight loss classes starting September 16th. signup now

New Classes!

​I have two weight loss classes starting September 16th. Both classes are Wednesday. The first is a morning class that meets at 10:00 and the other meets in the evening at 6:30. Each class meets weekly for six 90 minute sessions that include a discussion of the week's and a hypnosis tailored to address the issues brought up during the discussion period.

The class costs just $175 ($125) for returning members) and you get a workbook and four hypnosis CDs.

Please signup early to reserve a space. The classes are limited to a maximum of seven students and fill up fast.

Register for either class online and enter the promo code "​​Sept. Class" to get a discount of 15%

Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, gain self-confidence and improve your life?  I can help you overcome these and many other obstacles that are keeping you from being your personal best, through hypnosis.

Through hypnosis I have helped hundreds of people quit smoking. Eighty-five percent of them quit after only one session. Most clients had tried everything else by the time they came to me. Hypnosis works the same for chewing tobacco as for smoking cessation. 

Hypnosis also works very well for weight loss and food modification. Most people know how they should eat but they just can't change old eating habits. Diets don't work. It takes a commitment to a lifestyle change. Hypnosis helps to change one's taste in food and habits. And it helps in dealing with the causes of emotional eating. I offer both group and individual sessions.

One of the most common fears is performance anxiety. Hypnosis is used to relieve anxiety and nervousness associated with performance in areas including athletics, public speaking and test taking. I have helped many clients with tennis, golf, baseball and archery as well as preparing for concert recitals and speeches.

If you need help in becoming "Your Personal Best" please give me a call at 360-876-5880