Personal Best Hypnosis
Diana Labrum, CHt

Coming back to the Port Angeles Red Lion Hotel
twice a month starting on Saturday, September 26th a smoking cessation seminar and an on going by-monthly weight loss class.

The "Quit Smoking Forever" hypnosis seminar is in the morning from 10:00am to 11:30

My afternoon  Hypnosis Weight loss class is an on going six session class that meets twice a month from    1pm to 3pm 

This is a 1 1/2 hour seminar that includes an explanation of what hypnosis is and how it works, and how it can enable you to become a non-smoker. The real power is in the two hypnosis inductions that are administered during this presentation. Before the Hypnosis for smoking cessation there is a brief introduction to being hypnotized. This is a short relaxation and stress reduction hypnosis.  
‚ÄčThis class features a structured format that includes a lecture on a specific topical rela‚Äčted to nutrition health and weight. Following the lecture is a sharing among the group of issues relevant to the topic of the session

There are multiple hypnosis sessions structure around the issues raised by class members during the discussion.

The cost for the six class sessions is $175 and included for that price is the work book and four hypnosis cds pictured above. 

The first three sessions are scheduled for September 26th, October 3rd and October 10th.