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Diana Labrum, CHt
Smoking Cessation
Hypnosis has been proven to help people quit smoking. After only one session 85% - 90% of my clients are able to quit smoking, often easily. Usually by the time a smoker comes to me, they have tried everything else including patches, gum, and drugs. People are amazed when they are able to quit smoking so easily, often without cravings or weight gain.

Many people leave my office feeling like “non-smokers,” almost like they had never smoked at all. Those that do have cravings or thoughts of cigarettes find them to be light enough that they can easily choose not to smoke. If there are any cravings, they are completely gone in just a few days.

The cost for a session is $85 and you can have 2 family members or friends for the same low price. The price includes one complimentary stop smoking cd. If you want more cd's you can purchase them in my store or on-line.

Most people know that smoking is detrimental for their health but I don't think that many realize how fast their body starts healing:

Nicotine and carbon monoxide are reduced by 1/2 in the blood after only 8 hours and is eliminated from the body in 48 hours.
Lung function and circulation will have significantly improved after 3 months.


"Jason and I have been smoke free for 6 weeks. I personally experienced no withdrawal symptoms and only slight crvings to smoke out of habit., but overall I would say it's been easier than I could have imagined not to smoke!  Your suggestions have been very helpful and we are happy to send our friends and family your way."
Thanks again, Heidi

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