Personal Best Hypnosis
Diana Labrum, CHt
Sports Performance and Motivation


Hypnosis works very well for both sports performance enhancement and motivation. The Olympic Committee has done studies on improving performance by using visualization techniques, a form of hypnosis, and found a huge benefit. The athletes that visualized achieving success in their sport were able to perform their sport much faster and better than the athletes that did not visualize. 

I have been able to help improve the performances of clients in many different sports: tennis, archery, golf and baseall. I have also been able to help clients with other performance anxieties such as singing, performing in an orchestra and public speaking. 


I have found hypnosis to be very effective in helping my clients to become motivated to shed behavior they didn't like that was getting in the way or their success. Using "Parts Therapy" we can often uncover the part of their subconscience mind that is holding them back.