Personal Best Hypnosis
Diana Labrum, CHt

Sugar Addiction and Me

For a very long time now I have been aware that sugar is addictive to me and caused problems with my children, who are now all adults. In fact they used to get quite mad at me because I used to tell them, “Sugar is Poison”.

About 12 years ago I was working for architects that were designing a Dilettante Café in Seattle and Dilettante kept sending over large boxes of chocolates. I kept finding excuses to go into the break room and get handfuls of chocolates, surreptitiously sneaking them back to  my desk, eating them and then doing it again. I finally called a hypnotist and went in to get rid of the addiction. It worked and now I have been a practicing hypnotist for over 10 years.

Even though I gave up sugar 12 years ago I have also found that it is easy to get the addiction going again with just a few bites of something sweet. For me the only way to stay away from this addiction is to have none, which I am sure is true with any other addiction.

I now help others overcome their addiction to sugar. I have just read many articles and books on the addictive properties of sugar and will be writing reports on each of them. One of them is a book, “Year of No Sugar” by Eve Schaub. Another is a Prevention book “The Sugar Smart Diet” by Anne Alexander and National Geographic also had a huge article on sugar in August, 2013. I also recently just watched Dr. Oz giving steps to break the sugar addiction. Yesterday there was an article on facebook : “Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?” I will be going into each of these articles in much greater detail.

For me there are some very easy steps that help me stay away from sugar: Most of all don’t eat even a bite of sugar as it will start the craving all over again. For me the main withdrawal symptoms are just cravings and they only last 3 or 4 days. Drinking herbal tea also helps to keep my mind off of the craving.  Being free of the addiction, for me, is definitely worth it. Once I am free of the addiction from sugar I am much more able to make good food choices to reach my goal of good health.